Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keep Calm and Tuesday On - Modesty, Chickens and Cool House

Sorry bout this...I was almost done writing this whole post out last night, when my computer shut me off of the internet and wouldn't let me get back on.  :(  
Wow!  It seems like as soon as I finish blogging one week, the next week has already rolled around!  Craziness!!! 
Ok, I was eating cereal this morning (my all-time breakfast fav) . . . and is it just me, or are there other sisters out there who get tired of drawing little dresses onto the pictures displayed on cereal boxes???
Seriously!  I don't know, it might be that I'm becoming more aware of stuff like that as I get older, but it seems like risque pictures are popping up more and more all over the place!  I suppose the best thing we can do as sisters for both our brothers and brothers in Christ, is to not only protect their eyes from unnecessary pictures, but to also dress modestly ourselves.  Being cognizant of tight shirts and pants, short shorts, or low necklines can really make a difference to them - whether we think it does or not.
Hmph.  Ya know the quickest way for you to provoke the wrath of a cashier at the store?  (...not that you or I would want to willingly, of course... :P)
Turn the covers of magazines around when you are in line to check out.  They probably wont sell as many copies of them, but who knows???  You might have just saved someone from stumbling in sin, and that is so much more important.
. . .
Ok, I kinda went off on that point, BUT!  It is one of those things that I feel very strongly about, and have become more aware of lately.
...So, what happened this week other than drawing on cereal boxes?  Well, lemme see...I went to a wedding over the weekend with Dad and Ben, which was fun.  I didn't have a single dress to wear, so Caelen gave me this beautiful navy blue lace dress from Kohls that she happened to have an extra one of.   

With leggings and a wrap, it worked out perfectly :)
...Ben looked fabulous himself in his suit and bow-tie....disregard the weird face there.  I'm sure that deep down he liked wearing it....really deep down.  :D

After the wedding, we went over to Dad's cousin's house which was super cool - not to mention ginormous!
It was absolutely covered with hunting trophies from all over the world.  Kinda looked like an old hunting lodge with all of the animals on the walls.  It was really neat, I'm just not sure that I would like to have to sleep in there alone at night.  :)

Love these raised beds!!!

Pretty cool, huh?
Switching to this morning again; I was just getting ready to go down to the mailbox to mail a letter to a friend, when I saw a pile of feathers on the ground beside the chicken coop.  :(
Seems like a critter got one of our best layers last night . . . sadness.

Whatever it was that got in there, will be deeply regretting his decision to mess with THIS hen house!  Nate and Ben set a trap for it tonight, so we'll hopefully see some results tomorrow.
There was a time a while back, when I might have cried over the loss of a chicken, but...I soon learned that chickens are good for 3 things - laying eggs, making you laugh, and .... chicken nuggets.

Til next Tuesday,  (....or maybe Wednesday...)

Pssst.  The new header for Devoted Daughter has never really grown on me :(  I'm thinking about changing...again....  Any suggestions?  ;P

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