Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glad to be back

Hey Ya'll!

So glad to be back home, even though we did have a very nice (rainy) vacation at the beach.
Forgive the southern salutation . . . but if you hang out with wonderful southern extended family for a week, you are bound to pick up the lingo in some form or fashion :D  (I love it!  They are awesome ;)

would have taken pictures . . . but . . . I accidentally left my other memory card at home with my smaller camera, so I was left with only 8 pictures to take (choose wisely doesn't even begin to describe my feelings about those 8 pictures) . . . in fact, I was so careful and selective about which pictures I should take, that I only took about 3.

I tend to do that though - whenever I have something that is precious to me, I like to save it up until just the right time . . . the only problem is, I can never find the exact right time, and opportunities are so often missed.

Huh .... that could be an awesome object lesson.
Instead of always looking for the perfect time (or when I feel like I know all of the right answers) to engage, challenge, or talk to someone about Christ, I should always be willing to get into that uncomfortable conversation . . . even if it is kind of awkward at the time.

Been a bit thoughtful this evening . . . can you tell???  :)
Have a good one everybody - especially now that school is starting back up.  I've signed up for College Plus this year, so we'll see how it goes.  Definitely promises to be a busy semester though :)


Pssst...thanks Lancaster fam for joining us on our vacation this past week!