Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Resolution and Rebelution

Wow!  Its gettin more chilly every morning . . . I lOVE it!  :)  
Ok, I don't have enough time this morning to post anything creative, but I did want to share a "resolution" that I made this morning . . . I say "resolution", because I don't know how well it will fit in with this weather . . .  but . . . anyways...
Everybody knows how this goes... you have a whole bunch of clothes, but most of them stay in the bottom of your drawer, or on the last hanger in your closet all year round, so what I'm going to try to do, is wear everything that I own . . . ok, wait!  That sounds weird . . . Not in one chunk you understand, but over an extensive period of time until just about everything has been worn, and I can root out the clothes that I want to keep, and the ones that I don't.  The only thing is, now that I am pulling out my "Winter box", I'm finding that most of my warm stuff is probably hanging on a rack in Goodwill right now . . . I have a feeling that I am going to freeze in all of my short-sleeves as I'm going through the clothes . . . Its time to go shopping . . .

Another thing that I've been really inspired by lately, is the Rebelution: A teenage rebellion against low expectations . . . I don't have the time to dive in deep about this, but here is the website, please check it out.  Hopefully it will inspire you to DO HARD THINGS to impact the world, and use the lives that we were graciously given - wisely!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do you want to know the story of my blogging life?  (you probably already know it)

Feel good that I just updated my blog
Wait a week.....or two.....or three....
Blog about random things that have happened in that interval

Oh no, don't worry!  Nobody is getting jipped here!  My journal is just as random and jumbled up as my blog...I just can't seem to find a good way to tie everything into a nice, perfectly synchronized post.  It is so much easier to write in spurts and pictures!  That is why I am going to start to read  through a website that should inspire me to become more consistent in blogging. (I'll tell you the name of the website after I've browsed through it a bit more ;)
But it's just little things that are on my mind tonight, like:
Did you know that you can wash off speckles from a speckled egg???  No, I'm serious!  Those speckled eggs are all frauds!  They really don't have any spots at all underneath!!!

I hate it when my camera tells me that I've only got 5 pictures left, and then actually ends up taking about 10 more! . . . it's very misleading . . .
My rabbit had 8 babies and only 3 survived :( 
I came up with the very original name of Rigamortis for one of the babies, who seemed very stiff at the time. Sadly neither he, nor his brother, "Rig II" made it for very long.  I decided to stop naming them that after the second one died.   
{if you don't know what Rigamortis means, then here is the definition}...

{Bad picture, but it was raining that day, and my camera lied to me and said that I only had 1 picture left, so I only got this one shot of all 8 rabbits in the nest}
{pictures of the babies at 2 weeks, on Bloom}
This afternoon, I found out that if I don't want to eat another sandwich for lunch, and decide to make tortillas instead . . . . I'd be better off to just stick with the sandwich.  Those tortillas just about killed me!  I spent literally 2 hours trying to make those things, and for what?  Some irregularly shaped, square pieces of hard tack!!!  
Ben tried to "boost my spirits" by saying that they tasted really good, they just took way too long to make.   :)
I've realized that doing everything with excellence, even means to wash those extra dishes on the counter that I didn't see an hour ago when I started washing the massive pile up.  Although I feel like saying, "I've already done all of these dishes and enough is enough!", I found that it really feels good (besides its being the right thing to do :) to go the extra mile and get it all done.  
Recent stats have shown that Autumn is (hands-down) the best season of the year.
{no biased person was present when this statistic was made}

I feel better now.  I've done my good deed for the day.
I've come back to life in the blogging world and just graced it with some more ramblings...I'm sure it needed that... :)