Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Resolution and Rebelution

Wow!  Its gettin more chilly every morning . . . I lOVE it!  :)  
Ok, I don't have enough time this morning to post anything creative, but I did want to share a "resolution" that I made this morning . . . I say "resolution", because I don't know how well it will fit in with this weather . . .  but . . . anyways...
Everybody knows how this goes... you have a whole bunch of clothes, but most of them stay in the bottom of your drawer, or on the last hanger in your closet all year round, so what I'm going to try to do, is wear everything that I own . . . ok, wait!  That sounds weird . . . Not in one chunk you understand, but over an extensive period of time until just about everything has been worn, and I can root out the clothes that I want to keep, and the ones that I don't.  The only thing is, now that I am pulling out my "Winter box", I'm finding that most of my warm stuff is probably hanging on a rack in Goodwill right now . . . I have a feeling that I am going to freeze in all of my short-sleeves as I'm going through the clothes . . . Its time to go shopping . . .

Another thing that I've been really inspired by lately, is the Rebelution: A teenage rebellion against low expectations . . . I don't have the time to dive in deep about this, but here is the website, please check it out.  Hopefully it will inspire you to DO HARD THINGS to impact the world, and use the lives that we were graciously given - wisely!


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