Monday, May 23, 2011


Caelen and I have been in a frenzy all day packing for our trip to Colorado tomorrow morning. We had to run errands for mom, shop for trip necessities, and pack, pack, pack!!!! 2 of my cousins, Emily and Katie Haver are graduating, so Caelen and I have saved up to go to see them for an early summer vacation I guess you could call it.
I just LOVE the bustle in the air ports, the plane take-off, and. . . . Just imagine this:

A retired dude ranch out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains with old log cabins, a swimming pool, tennis court, barn with lots of horses (well . . . 2 retired ones anyways ;) thousands of acres, and guess what? We have all this to ourselves, and of course, LOTS of cousins!!! :) Now does that sound like an awesome vacation or what!

I am very excited, I just have to pack like crazy before 11:00 tomorrow morning. To make matters worse, I just jammed my finger while trying to catch a frisbee that weighed 10 pounds 
so I am soaking my finger in ice cold water thinking of all the things I need to pack and. . . of course. . .all the pictures I need to take :D

See ya when I get back!

<3 --Hannah 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"off day"

These past few days have been kind of "off days" for me.... for example; All in one day I:
1) Lost my balance with the groceries and dropped salsa all over the porch (I tried to get the chickens to help me clean it up, but I found out that they don't normally eat their salsa with glass normally)
2) Almost burnt the house down by forgetting to unwrap the wax paper from my sandwich and then sticking it into the toaster.
3) Missed the cup, making ice shoot out of the ice maker all over the floor.
4) After picking up the ice, I started talking and then noticed that I wasn't pouring water into my cup, but spilling it all over the floor beside my cup.
5) And finally, I accidentally clocked my best friend (who I hadn't seen in a very long time) in the head with my elbow, making her forehead look like a swollen egg :)

Yes. . .to say the least. . .that was not one of my better days. . .
More similar things have happened since then, but it made me laugh as I typed out all of my "misfortunes" :P

I hope it made you smile too :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Driving practice

It was really exciting to get to go out to the empty high school parking lot with my cousin Rachel and both of our dads for a "one on one driving prep time". We probably spent about 45 minutes to an hour out there driving around in circles moving slower than snails at first =) We practiced turning on signals, staying on our side of the road, and getting comfortable with picking up a little more speed. I must say though, I just about had a heart attach when Rachel and I passed each other in the parking lot for the first time. . ."Oh no! Oh no! Shes coming this way! Dad, I don't think we can pass without hitting eachother! I know I'm going to hit her! Ahhh! She's going to hit me! Ohhhhhhhh Noooooo. . . . . WHEW! Ok. . that wasn't so bad! Ok, feeling much better now! Whew! *sighs of relief*"
Over all though, I think we had a lot of fun driving with our dads and (thankfully) had no collisions =D
****A very important rule our dads taught us this trip. . . ALWAYS slide the driver's seat back where we found it after driving lest there be much wrath when the master of the car returns =D****

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Poor mom. . .

Poor Mom, she has had such a hard time today. . . it all started when she went to the eye doctor early this morning at 7:50 am. All of us kids said goodbye to her, and then started getting ready for the day. 10 minutes later, Mom walked back through the door laughing saying that her appointment was actually at 8:50 am! We all laughed with her, and then said goodbye again at 8:50. When she got back, her pupils were so dilated that she was as blind as a bat!
Not only was she now blind, but she had to grade 60 science tests (Mom teaches online classes for Apologia science)!
 To say the least, she had to have Caelen help her make sure that she was giving all of the kids A's instead of F's.....
Last but not least, we all had a vote on what to have for lunch, and we decided to ask mom to make her famous mac 'n' cheese!!! YEAH! Everything was going smoothly when mom accidentally forgot to screw on the salt shaker can imagine what happened next.....a whole cup of salt flew into the cheese sauce, and milk splashed out into the stove making the flame blaze up! Mom had a blank look on her face at first, but then we all saw the funny side of things and started to laugh. She fished out as much salt as she could, but when we tasted the sauce that was left, everyone downed probably a gallon of water. Then as she was washing the salty pot out, she burned the mess out of her finger. Mom said that this morning was a definite testimony to our desperate need for a vacation =)

--"this story was approved by my wonderful mother, and with lots of laughing from her offspring"--

psssssst.....the mac 'n' cheese turned out to be one of the best batches ever! (that is of course after the salty batch was dumped)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A few things that made me smile today. . .

Today was overcast with bits and pieces of sunshine here and there, so after school I spent some time taking a few pictures of the things I like to do when the the weather is nice and breezy...

Like swinging in the hammock with Caelen and talking

Of course taking pictures with Caelen's camera is always fun =)

Looking for eggs with Mom

Watering the flowers

Having little bible studies out in the old barn with Ben
Looking after my sunflowers =D

And picking honeysuckles with my siblings

Life is full of blessings, so smile!