Monday, May 23, 2011


Caelen and I have been in a frenzy all day packing for our trip to Colorado tomorrow morning. We had to run errands for mom, shop for trip necessities, and pack, pack, pack!!!! 2 of my cousins, Emily and Katie Haver are graduating, so Caelen and I have saved up to go to see them for an early summer vacation I guess you could call it.
I just LOVE the bustle in the air ports, the plane take-off, and. . . . Just imagine this:

A retired dude ranch out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains with old log cabins, a swimming pool, tennis court, barn with lots of horses (well . . . 2 retired ones anyways ;) thousands of acres, and guess what? We have all this to ourselves, and of course, LOTS of cousins!!! :) Now does that sound like an awesome vacation or what!

I am very excited, I just have to pack like crazy before 11:00 tomorrow morning. To make matters worse, I just jammed my finger while trying to catch a frisbee that weighed 10 pounds 
so I am soaking my finger in ice cold water thinking of all the things I need to pack and. . . of course. . .all the pictures I need to take :D

See ya when I get back!

<3 --Hannah 

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