Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Driving practice

It was really exciting to get to go out to the empty high school parking lot with my cousin Rachel and both of our dads for a "one on one driving prep time". We probably spent about 45 minutes to an hour out there driving around in circles moving slower than snails at first =) We practiced turning on signals, staying on our side of the road, and getting comfortable with picking up a little more speed. I must say though, I just about had a heart attach when Rachel and I passed each other in the parking lot for the first time. . ."Oh no! Oh no! Shes coming this way! Dad, I don't think we can pass without hitting eachother! I know I'm going to hit her! Ahhh! She's going to hit me! Ohhhhhhhh Noooooo. . . . . WHEW! Ok. . that wasn't so bad! Ok, feeling much better now! Whew! *sighs of relief*"
Over all though, I think we had a lot of fun driving with our dads and (thankfully) had no collisions =D
****A very important rule our dads taught us this trip. . . ALWAYS slide the driver's seat back where we found it after driving lest there be much wrath when the master of the car returns =D****

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