Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas morning in Colorado

Waiting at the bottom of the stairs Christmas morning

Noah is the first one up...

Lucas is next...

Then Emily...

And then.....We all make a general rush

Pa, after completing his task as 'Santa Pa', he settled down and read the Christmas story from the bible to all of us

After all of the excitement, us girls gathered together and tried to lick down our Jaw breaker suckers... yum!!!! :)

And thus ended our wonderful trip to Colorado :D


We went skiing on Christmas day with everyone....It was definitely the highlight of the trip! :)

Nate and I on skis

Skiing trails in Winter Park

Winter Park Snow Down 2010

On Christmas Eve, our whole group went to the Winter Park annual ski down.
There were fire works, over a hundred skiers skiing down the hill, and so much more! It was so neat!

On the lifts to the village

Sarah, Olivia, and Katie all bundled up and ready to see the show

I thought this picture was really neat because the camera caught my breath, making it look like smoke....This was taken on the lift to the village

The girls walking together to get to the ski down

Lights on the mountain

The skiers coming down the mountain with fireworks in the background

Nathan, Katie, Sarah, Olivia, Me, Caelen, Noah, and Benjamin

Skiers and fire works

Noah's Christmas Program

My little Cousin, Noah Wood, had a little Christmas program .....He was sooooo cute!

Snow Fort

The beginnings of our HUGE snow fort that we built in the front yard

It was a group effort

Lucas Wood

We had a tunnel leading to an igloo

We built the fort by piling up snow boulders that we got from the side of the road

roofing the igloo

Caelen and I in the tunnel before it was finished

The tunnel after it was finished

Finished affect