Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finishing the story of Dandy and Leah...

After we put Dandy down, we were left with a BIG problem....Leah was going absolutely crazy without another horse to keep her company, and we were going to leave soon for Colorado to spend Christmas! We racked our brains for what to do....We couldn't just leave her alone for that long!
As a last resort, we called the lady that we had originally bought Leah from (my old riding instructor), and asked her if she could take her back, or at least keep her while we were in Colorado. She had two other mini horses (One of which was Leah's daughter) that could keep her company.
My riding instructor said that she would be happy to keep her until we were ready to take her back on one condition......That we take the other two minis back with us! I was sooooo supprised (and excited :)! We took Leah to her house two weeks ago, and now she is happy with Lilly, her daughter, and Ruso the other little mini. We are going back over there today, so I'll try to take some pictures of them all together. :)
God is soooo gracious, even in dealing with lonely horses!

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