Tuesday, June 29, 2010

By the way

We ended up not selling our horses, so if you were wondering why we would be fixing up an empty barn, well . . . . there you go. :)
In Christ,

My Day....

OK...So Here is what my day looked like today! It's kind of funny!!!!!! (If only I had pictures for all of this! :)

~I woke up with a cold
~While feeding the animals, I slipped, fell on a log and gashed my hand :(
~Fixed up the barn
~While working on the barn, Ben pulled his hammer back for a big whack and he somehow gashed his head :( :O :( (He's fine now, but you can still pray that his poor head will heal!)
~Fixed up the barn some more

What a hectic day! It was fun though with all of it's ups and downs! (Besides the scare with Ben)
We certainly got a lot done on the barn! :)
In Christ,
(By the way....I'll try to take pictures of what we accomplished with the barn)

Monday, June 28, 2010

When we were little.......(Or maybe I should say a bit younger:)

Feels like a long time since these pictures were taken, but really its only been a few years! Wow! People change fast!!!!!!! :)

Nathan Robert Edmondson

Hannah Randolph Edmondson (Me:)

Caelen Elizabeth Edmondson

Ben in Russia

Andre-Benjamin-Yatailavitch-Bogdanov-Edmondson (or in other words, Benjamin Edmondson;)

Ben and his hen. . . . Robert (huh???)

That's all folks! ;D

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Desert contest @ the Cooke's

This was our first desert contest with the Cookes! It was sooooo fun!
The rules are:
*Have to make up the desert recipe yourself
*The judges (Parents) have to judge fairly
*No peeking on your opponent's desert (That one was hard :)
*You cannot ask for grown-up advise and can't consult the judge about your desert before the contest
*The judge has to judge on the presentation and taste of the desert
*Both teams have to have loads of fun and not be overly competitive.

Making the deserts

Boys at work
Girls at work
Girl's masterpiece

The judges judging the girl's desert

The judges judging the boy's desert

Waiting for the results....

The boys won!!!!!!!!!! Celebration!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I don't know exactly what to call this post...A joyful reunion?

for the past week, me and my siblings have been staying at our cousins house (the Cookes). we have had a wonderful time, and just had a joyful reunion with our parents an hour ago. God has been soooo gracious in giving us such a wonderful family, and I say that from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!
Have an awesome, fun and restful weekend!
In Christ,

(Hum....Do awesome, restful and fun go together?
oh well, that's what kind of weekend I'm planning on having :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I am striving to be as a young lady...

This is a list that I made as something to strive for as I grow up in my father's house.
What I Want to Become as a Young Lady
-Do I ever strengthen in my walk with Christ
-Do I understand what I believe in
-Am I well put together
-Am I more concerned with my inner beauty than outer
-Do I have good manners
-Am I a good hostess
-Do I have my devotions on a daily basis
-Am I respectful
-Am I an obedient and devoted daughter
-Do I control thoughts of boys and treat them as brothers
-Do I ever desire to know and learn about God
-Am I meek and Humble
-Do I have respectful outspokenness
-Am I smart
-Do I have a quick whit
-Am I creative
-Am I accomplished
-Do I love my family
-Am I good with children
-Am I mature
-Am I secure
-Am I modest
-Am I Godly
-Am I feminine
-Am I fun
-Am I self disciplined
-Am I confident in Christ

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our cousins from Colorado came to spend the week in Marion with all of the family. Aunt Judy, Emily, Sarah, Katie, and Olivia (Livie) from the Haver family, and Aunt Jody, Noah and Luke from the Wood family. Our cousins from Charlottle were also here. (Aunt Kim, and her 3 kids) We all had the best time hanging out together! Since the Havers and the Woods live in Colorado, it is very rare that the whole family gets together, so this was an exciting week for all of us!

Pizza night

The three sisters - But we were missing one, (Aunt Kim :( Aunt Judy on the left, mom in the middle, and Aunt Jody on the right

Rachel Cooke, Caelen, Katie, and Livie

'The troublesome trio' (Very tired as we went to drop the Havers off at the airport at 6:00am ugg....) 

Monday, June 7, 2010

To anyone who might be wondering...

To anyone who might be wandering, Herbie is an Asian white silkie bantam chicken. (My lap chicken)
His real name is Herb, but we all call him Herbie. I used to have 4 more silkies, but raccoons got most of them. :(
He is the sweetest thing! (contrary to what most people think about chickens!)

My room...

Until recently, Caelen and I have slept in the same room since we were toddlers, but a few months ago we got our own rooms!!!!! At first, mine was very plain and ugly. The ceilings were ripped out, the carpet was blue, and it was really tiny. Recently though, I have kind of spruced it up so now the theme of it is teal blue and chocolate brown. With much decorating and a new comforter on the bed, it has become my own little cozy nook! The only thing that it needs now is a splash of paint! Any ideas for the paint color or for more decorating? If you have an idea, post it as a comment! Thanks a bunch!

My bedspread theme

I'm into little boxes right now! :)

I made my name out of pictures of flowers from gardening magazines

My reading nook :D

My little room.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last night Caelen, Herbie, and I were sitting on the porch talking and looking at the sunset over the mountains. He was soooo cute that we just had to take pictures!!!!!

He is so spoiled :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


We had an awesome trip with our pastor's family to the Asheboro zoo and Caelen took loads of pictures, but I could only post a few.

Dippin'-Dots? In Africa???

The little guys were everywhere!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacation in VA!

Hi all! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, we've been on vacation at our friend's house for about a week. We had a lovely time. They live in the Virginia Mountains on a big piece of land with waterfalls and rolling pastures. It is gorgeous!
Our family has known the Robbin's family for almost 9 years now, so it was kind of like a reunion vacation for us. We enjoyed meeting all of their friends and going to their Church. Over all, we had a wonderful time!

Now its time to catch up. Next time I blog, I'll have to post pictures of our zoo trip!

Cody Robbins . . . setting Caelen's hair on fire?

Their miniature dog (Rodent :), Dusty

Ben and Charity (Caelen's best friend who graduated while we were there)
Ben and Cody (Who also graduated while we were there)
(Ben was on a hugging spree or something . . .)
After a big storm. (We had quite a few!)
Best buds! :)
Sky before a storm

It's a storm!!!!!!!!!!