Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Day....

OK...So Here is what my day looked like today! It's kind of funny!!!!!! (If only I had pictures for all of this! :)

~I woke up with a cold
~While feeding the animals, I slipped, fell on a log and gashed my hand :(
~Fixed up the barn
~While working on the barn, Ben pulled his hammer back for a big whack and he somehow gashed his head :( :O :( (He's fine now, but you can still pray that his poor head will heal!)
~Fixed up the barn some more

What a hectic day! It was fun though with all of it's ups and downs! (Besides the scare with Ben)
We certainly got a lot done on the barn! :)
In Christ,
(By the way....I'll try to take pictures of what we accomplished with the barn)

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