Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vacation in VA!

Hi all! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, we've been on vacation at our friend's house for about a week. We had a lovely time. They live in the Virginia Mountains on a big piece of land with waterfalls and rolling pastures. It is gorgeous!
Our family has known the Robbin's family for almost 9 years now, so it was kind of like a reunion vacation for us. We enjoyed meeting all of their friends and going to their Church. Over all, we had a wonderful time!

Now its time to catch up. Next time I blog, I'll have to post pictures of our zoo trip!

Cody Robbins . . . setting Caelen's hair on fire?

Their miniature dog (Rodent :), Dusty

Ben and Charity (Caelen's best friend who graduated while we were there)
Ben and Cody (Who also graduated while we were there)
(Ben was on a hugging spree or something . . .)
After a big storm. (We had quite a few!)
Best buds! :)
Sky before a storm

It's a storm!!!!!!!!!!

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