Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My chicks have grown into chickens!!!!!

Little Loo and Sumi when they were chicks

Sumi now.........

Little Loo now....(The little fluffy orange one)

Autumn morning

It has rained here for at least three days now, but this morning we woke up to a misty Autumn morning. NO RAIN!!! Yeah! And better yet, the sun came out! I was so thankful that I took out my camera and shot a few pictures.... :)

The chickens were the only ones who didn't benefit from the rain :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Too Cute!! :D

I thought that these were so cute that I just HAD to post them! :)

(pictures from google)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hike to Hawk's Bill

This hike would probably have to be my most favorite hike with a a view. The view is breathtaking! Just another reason why we worship such a wonderful Creator! I warn you! This is a LONG post due to many beautiful pictures of the mountains! :)

The head of the trail

The Sealy's showed us this hike

E and me going down the trail

Waiting for the grown-ups to catch up

This is what we found at the top

Nathan found this really neat crack in the rock to get down to the lower levels of the mountain. This is a picture of Josh and Mrs. Sealy descending into it...

In the crack

Looking in to the crack

The brave hikers

Getting up from an uncomfortable position

Josh and me under a rock

King of the mountain #1

King of the mountain #2

The Sealy Family

The Edmondson Family

The hikers

E and Me

Caelen and E

That was a great day :D