Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I am striving to be as a young lady...

This is a list that I made as something to strive for as I grow up in my father's house.
What I Want to Become as a Young Lady
-Do I ever strengthen in my walk with Christ
-Do I understand what I believe in
-Am I well put together
-Am I more concerned with my inner beauty than outer
-Do I have good manners
-Am I a good hostess
-Do I have my devotions on a daily basis
-Am I respectful
-Am I an obedient and devoted daughter
-Do I control thoughts of boys and treat them as brothers
-Do I ever desire to know and learn about God
-Am I meek and Humble
-Do I have respectful outspokenness
-Am I smart
-Do I have a quick whit
-Am I creative
-Am I accomplished
-Do I love my family
-Am I good with children
-Am I mature
-Am I secure
-Am I modest
-Am I Godly
-Am I feminine
-Am I fun
-Am I self disciplined
-Am I confident in Christ

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