Monday, June 7, 2010

My room...

Until recently, Caelen and I have slept in the same room since we were toddlers, but a few months ago we got our own rooms!!!!! At first, mine was very plain and ugly. The ceilings were ripped out, the carpet was blue, and it was really tiny. Recently though, I have kind of spruced it up so now the theme of it is teal blue and chocolate brown. With much decorating and a new comforter on the bed, it has become my own little cozy nook! The only thing that it needs now is a splash of paint! Any ideas for the paint color or for more decorating? If you have an idea, post it as a comment! Thanks a bunch!

My bedspread theme

I'm into little boxes right now! :)

I made my name out of pictures of flowers from gardening magazines

My reading nook :D

My little room.

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  1. Nice room! :) So how are you enjoying having a room to yourself? About the colour of your wall, you can go to a paint store and get some colour sample slips and bring them home and see what colour looks best!


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