Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"off day"

These past few days have been kind of "off days" for me.... for example; All in one day I:
1) Lost my balance with the groceries and dropped salsa all over the porch (I tried to get the chickens to help me clean it up, but I found out that they don't normally eat their salsa with glass normally)
2) Almost burnt the house down by forgetting to unwrap the wax paper from my sandwich and then sticking it into the toaster.
3) Missed the cup, making ice shoot out of the ice maker all over the floor.
4) After picking up the ice, I started talking and then noticed that I wasn't pouring water into my cup, but spilling it all over the floor beside my cup.
5) And finally, I accidentally clocked my best friend (who I hadn't seen in a very long time) in the head with my elbow, making her forehead look like a swollen egg :)

Yes. . .to say the least. . .that was not one of my better days. . .
More similar things have happened since then, but it made me laugh as I typed out all of my "misfortunes" :P

I hope it made you smile too :D

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