Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keep Calm & Tuesday On - Minnesota

Well as you all know, I was in Minnesota this past week . . . lemme summarize:  

So I step onto the airplane in Charlotte, and it is a cool refreshing morning of 60° outside ... not so in MN!  
Snowflakes the size of biscuits...not to mention ice cold wind blowing around all week.  Thankfully, the homeschool conference was connected by skywalks, so we didn't have to go back out into the weather for the rest of our time spent there.  Phew!  :D
Anyways, the conference itself went really well, although very busy....but busy is good, right? 

My uniform ..... looks a bit yellow ....  :D

Woke up to this view on the first morning.  It was kind of fun, because we didn't get any snow here in North Carolina this year.....NONE!  Had to travel all the way to Minnesota just to see some whiteness! 

 **Record Scratch**  
When I got off the plane on my way back to NC, I was surrounded by blue skies and green leaves again!  It was fantastic!  Yes, the snow was nice, but short sleeves and flowers are sooo much better in April!  I mean, come on!  It's SPRING!!!
At home, all of the azaleas had popped out, the grass had grown, and all of the leaves were on the trees.  It was gorgeous!   
I have ambitions to turn this little wooden shed into a guest house someday in the near future (...when money starts to grow on trees, tell me! ...)

Oh yeah.  Poison Ivy.  Can't forget that lovely part of Spring.

He almost looks like he's smiling, the trouble maker!

Til Next Tuesday, Folks!

PS: I tell ya what was sad ...While in the airport, my friend and I were trying to make it to our gate, and we heard a mother telling her little son, "No sweetie, Daddy can't hold your hand right now - he's texting."
Have we really come to this?

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  1. Aw Hannah sounds like you had fun!! And the puppies are getting so big. And super adorable. :) Miss you and love you!! :) <3


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