Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep Calm and Tuesday On #1

Ah Ha!  I finally figured out what I'm gonna call these Tuesday posts....

Whatcha think?  At first, I was thinking somewhere along the lines of, "Terrific Tuesdays," but then again....uh...nope...not the brightest idea. 
So!  What kinds of things are going to be going on during these Tuesday posts? 
 In a nutshell, I'll just be recounting various things that I've been thinking about lately, random pictures that I've taken throughout the week (which will also be posted on BLOOM, along with some bonus pics), and also what I'm excited about for the upcoming week.  In addition, I plan to include some thoughts on what I've found to be convicting, or challenging to me spiritually this week     

Speaking of.... last Sunday, Dad filled in for our pastor, and preached a super good sermon on passion.         Basically, the point was - WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT?  

                               If you don't have anything that you are passionate about, WHY NOT?

If you are passionate about something, what in the world are you doing about it?

I really appreciated the sermon, #1 - because he's my dad, and I was so proud of him for stepping up and filling in the gap when our pastor was gone  ;)
#2 - because it was convicting to me in that I like certain things, and I have a strong opinions about things, but I haven't really become PASSIONATE about anything yet.  
So, right now, I'm praying that the Lord would stir up in me a passion for something.  Something AWESOME! 
#3 - He also reminded us that though we are be passionate, we are not to be passionate at the expense of our priorities.  (ie. God, family, friends...etc..)
Are you passionate about anything?  If so, what are you doing to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR CHRIST?  
After church on Sunday, Caelen and I got the opportunity to take almost all of the gals from our church, home with us for some chili and a hike....great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Love these gals!  :D
Whoa!  My trip to Minnesota is comin up fast, and I still don't have any good shoes to wear for the conference....Ahhhh!
I fly out on Thursday morning for my second homeschool conference of the year, working for Apologia, and if I don't have good shoes to stand on concrete all day.....I'm toast!  I looked around a bit today for something....ANYTHING!  But, little 'ol' Marion doesn't have a thing.  I did, however, find some interesting body spray at Big Lots, that made me smell like an overpowering pomegranate (nobody could stand to be around me for a while...I decided not to buy it)
 Oh well, hopefully our trip up to Asheville tomorrow will be successful.  :)  
Alright guys, that has to end my "Keep Calm and Tuesday On" post for the week.  Got things to do!  Places to go!  People to see!  
{In my dreams, as I'm heading off to bed now}


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