Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend with lifelong friends

Wow!  Charity and Faith, we had a wiz of a time didn't we???  It was all go, go go!!!  I had fun going to get coffee with you guys early Saturday morning and then being crazy in the car while waiting for Charity to come out of the CVS store.  I enjoyed going up to Boone to get that Christmas/mountain/expensive Christmas tree farm experience and visiting our favorite little mercantile on the side of the road, and then going back down to Marion to pick out our beautiful $20 tree.  =)
 To say the least, we enjoyed you girls very much.  Merry Christmas!  

Me, Faith, and Caelen

The awesomeness itself!  It has become a tradition to go for coffee here whenever any of the Robbins come to visit

{Crazy car photos . . .}

Our favorite little mercantile is always decked out for the season.  Next time you head up to Newland NC, look for this place!  Their hot chocolate is AMAZING!!!!!

(Oh, and Charity; Maybe next time you come, we can blog together :)

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