Thursday, December 1, 2011

A CRAZY Thanksgiving!

Like I said, I have a whole lot of Thanksgiving pictures.  Our crazy, awesome family had a blast together :)

Dad, his sister, and their parents, my grandparents.   

Our whole family . . . all decked out 

This dog was absolutely HUGE!!!!  He was the cutest, no . . .  the sweetest wolfhound i've ever met  :)

While at our grandparent's house, we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Nana showed us her wedding dress and asked me to try it on, and it was almost a perfect fit!  I just love the style of clothes back then.  They were all so well made. :)  

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  1. How sweet that you were able to try on the dress that was your grandmother's! It's beautiful! I have enjoyed reading about your family and look forward to more posts! ~Jordan


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