Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A thing within a thing. . .

Afternoon everybody!  I've been thinking about doing this post for a long time, but have just now gotten around to doing it.  It's kind of like those "purple jellybean" stories. . .you know, where:
 "It was a dark, dark night; in a dark, dark house; and in the dark, dark house; there was a dark, dark room". . . . . you get the picture.  
I thought I would make something like that in my blog post, but you will have to excuse the picture quality of some of them.  Since I took these pictures so early this morning, the lighting was absolutely TERRIBLE!!!  
Here it goes. . .  
Pssssssssssssttttt. . . If you like the idea of doing a "Thing within a thing" blog post, try one of your own on your blog and leave me your blog address in the comments so I can check it out :)

An Eiffel Tower

Sitting on this desk. . .

This desk, sitting beside this bed

This bed, sitting in this room. . . (my room would be really nice if it had a ceiling and a real wall :)

This room sitting downstairs

These stairs sitting inside this house

This house sitting in this kind of weather

This kind of weather, settling over these misty mountains.

So, my morning. . . . misty mountains.  Inside those misty mountains sits a house in rainy, wet weather.  Inside that house is a wooden staircase.  Just down those stairs sits a tiny room with no ceiling and a fake wall.  In that tiny room without a ceiling and a fake wall, sits an old desk, and on that old desk, sits an Eiffel Tower.  

This was my morning.


  1. That's pretty neat!

    In Christ,

  2. I love this..i'll have to try it on my blog:)


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