Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saying Goodbye . . .

Saying goodbye to my "kids" yesterday was extremely hard for me.  Leah (brown), her baby Lilly (gray), and Ruso (white with spots in the background) went back to their previous owner; my old riding instructor who is the absolute best person in the world for these guys.  :) .  
God has blessed me with 4 years of mini horse experience, and I must say. . . I've enjoyed every bit of it!  Though I am very sad, I'm glad that I was able to help my family out by getting rid of the extra expense of their feed and hay every month.  That is a definite +  .
I am dedicating this blog post to Rachel C, my cousin.  I know you will be shocked when you read this post that they are gone, but I wanted to thank you for helping me out, playing with and training them for all of these years.  We really had fun didn't we???
Thank you to the Burgin family for helping us learn how to take care of them for those first couple of years.  (we sure needed help!  :P )
Thank you Faith R for being the first to hop onto Leah's back, giving me the (much needed) courage to start riding.  
And thank you Nathan and Ben (my little brothers) for being my guinea pigs in jumping, galloping and falling off of the "big, brown, brat" of a horse for me.  :D  MUCH appreciated!  

My "Kids" xoxoxo




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