Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

Yahoooooo!!!!  The most looked forward to vacation has finally arrived! Lots of sand, big waves, big breakfasts, big sunburns, big laughs, big domino tournaments, and. . . . whats that???  Oh wait!  Never mind, pack up ya'll, we're leaving. . . .
Yep, that was basically our story this year due to hurricane Irene.  This blog post is a little late, (obviously) but a week ago we had to evacuate from Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach due to that uninvited guest of a hurricane.  Thankfully, we got to spend most of the week there pretty much uninterrupted.  We left for the beach Saturday the 20th and then actually left the beach Thursday the 25th, just a few days earlier than usual.  Oh well, I'm glad we got out in time at any rate.  We had a BLAST while we were there which is apparent from the pictures :D

This was a tidal pool that gathered right in front of our beach house.  The current was so strong that it pulled Ben along like a water slide

*CUTIE PIE!!!!!*

Dad and papa making bacon for breakfast :P
 Our morning walk at 6:30 am :) we are insane for all of you CRAZY late sleepers :P

We had a glow stick party on the last night there.  John Wilson is in the bow tie, Ben and Caelen in the halos, Nate in the halo with glow ring around neck, and me in the glasses :P

We always make sure to have a good time one way or another.....hurricane or not :D

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