Friday, September 23, 2011

Falcon Sky. . .

Ok, I have literally 2 minutes to write this, but I wanted to tell you guys about the strangest thing that just happened to us.  It has been almost perfect all day long; blue skies and sunny weather.  Well, just a second ago, the mountains started to disappear, dark clouds began to form and we could see rain coming our way. . . and fast.  I looked up into the sky, and saw about 30 birds flying around in circles far away.  I didn't think much about it until more and more birds started to join.  I thought, "wow!  There must have been a massacre or something, because I have never seen sooo many buzzards flying together in my life!"  
Well, pretty soon the whole sky was filled with birds and I would guess there were hundreds of them.  The crazy thing is; when they came closer, we identified them as falcons!  Not buzzards!!!!  As soon as the rain hit the house however, the falcons disappeared!  They were swarming one minute, and then they were gone!  Strange. . .
The disappointing thing is that as soon as I ran inside to get the camera, the rain started to fall.  I had just gotten the telephoto lens screwed on when Nathan shouted out that they were gone.  Sad.  
Oh well, got to go.  Just thought I would share this crazy piece of information with you guys.
In Christ,

Pssssssst...... It obviously took me a bit longer to write this than just 2 minutes :)

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