Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 3 of the Feelin Feminine Challange:

Please be in prayer for Caelen. She woke up with a stomach bug this Beautiful Sunday morning. Mom, Dad and the boys all went to church, and I volunteered to stay home with her. She does not feel well at all! Any ways, whenever we have to stay home from church, we usually turn on John Piper. A pastor that we really respect from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He preaches at Bethlehem Baptist Church.
Today I read one of his sermons called, 'Being Loved by Christ.'

You can find a whole lot of his other sermons on YouTube:

Day 3:
Since I stayed home from church today, I decided to wear casual so that I could be comfortable while tending to Caelen. :( I'm all blue today :)
  • A blue t-shirt from Hollister
  • A quarter length jacket from No Boundaries
  • A Jean skirt (I got it for my birthday 2 months ago:)
  • And I'm wearing my hair the same as yesterday.

Hey I know I didn't say any thing about it when I made it, but I just remembered to tell everybody that I have another blog called, "You can't judge a book by it's cover."
It's just my reading list for this year. So far I've only done 3 book reviews.

("you can't judge a book by it's cover" blog is now deleted.  Sorry guys)

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  1. Hannah,
    You look so lovely!!! Ironically, I am doing the same challenge! My last day is Tuesday and I have absolutely loved wearing skirts and looking feminine.
    I miss you dearly.
    Tell Caelen that I am praying that she feels better.

    I love you,


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