Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keep Calm and Tuesday On - God is still God through business

Mmmmm . . .  Fresh Muffins
Old Disney songs on Pandora
A sunny morning (very rare these days)
New day ahead
Quiet time with Jesus to look forward to
Man, to all appearances, my day is made!  But believe it or not, I went to bed last night thinking and worrying about everything I have to get done this month - from school to keeping the house clean - which is a whole other challenge in and of itself.  
(yes, my home is normal too)
My aunt is here from Colorado with her 2 little boys for the month of July, so that should keep us all plenty busy . . . but of course, that's the good kind of busy.  
After that in August, Mom has a big 'ol' surgery that she's gotta get over with, and our family takes our annual beach trip with dad's fam later that month as well.
. . . maybe in September, our life will slow back down to a more normal speed.
I don't ever remember a more busy year!  
However, I sometimes get the feeling that with all of this extra stuff that has come up in my life, I am kind of skimping on my devotions in the morning in order to fit in everything else that I've gotta get done.
 Not good!  
So I've started reading this book that I found tucked away in one of our bookshelves that is really helpful and addresses these issues.  It's called; Life Management for Busy Women.
Now, some of the topics are geared more towards the busy Mom/Wife, but even then - most of the points are applicable to me in one way or the other.  
I wasn't quite sure what I would find when I opened the book, but then I saw the very first chapter:  Developing a Passion for God's Word. 
So I though, "hey!  How bad can that be???"
I started reading, and came across something that really hit home for me:
It said, "Somehow, at some time, for some reason, God's Word took a secondary place to other pursuits.  The lesser choices were made regarding how time was spent, until time was not taken each day to develop a passion for knowing and following God's plan.  

At the heart of a woman seeking to live out God's plan for her life is a passion for God's Word.  And when we fail to purposefully and willfully develop this passion, we begin to spend our precious time and days on lesser pursuits . . . which can lead to wandering off the path of God's purpose for our life and out of His will."

Then the author went on to give 10 practical ways in which to develop a passion for God's word.  They were;
1. Refuse to miss a day of quiet time with the Lord.
2. Pray as you approach God's Word
3. Consume God's Word in various ways. (i.e. songs, memorizing verses, placing scripture around the house.  etc.) (basically surrounding yourself with the Word)
4. Find a rhythm or a pattern that fits your lifestyle.  (i.e. when is the best time to have your quiet times.  Mine is in the morning.)
5. Be a woman of one Book - the Book ("Make it a rule to read what honors God's standards and glorifies Him.  And if you only have time to read one book, make sure that book is the Book." )
6. Be accountable
7. Beat the family. ("aim at getting up before your family gets up"
8. Teach your children.  (well....since I don't have any children of my own to teach ;)  I take this and apply it to teaching/encouraging/mentoring younger siblings, or friends)
9. Purpose to get up ("Surely any woman with any passion for anything makes sure she gets up to enjoy that passion!")
10. Aim for more time in your devotions.  
I just thought that those were super helpful and encouraging to me, so I wanted to share them with all of you who might just be going through some of the same things as I am . . . especially this Summer.  
Remember!  God is still God through business, and we/I can't just put him on hold while trying to fit "everything else" into our schedules.  
Besides . . . Isn't He the one who gave us these busy times in the first place?

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