Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good grief!  The pups are gettin SO BIG!!!  I finally got the chance (in between lots of College Plus and Highschool which is what has kept me away for so long) to get in a few shots of them.  
Early February, we got the chance to adopt most of the others out, ending up with only 2;  Sampson (who we are keeping for my aunt until June) and Toby (my buddy).
Oh, did I ever tell you guys what kind of a mix we found out they were?  It's crazy!.....prepare yourself:

Border Collie
Australian Shepherd
Basset Hound

Crazy, huh?  So they've got the short Basset legs, some of the dalmatian spots, and Toby has the Border Collie coloring.  Some of the other pups definitely had the Aussie markings though.  
They look so weird....in a cute kind of way...
Before I took them out for pictures, I had to give em a bath...which they surprisingly LOVED.  Now, whenever I can't find them, It's pretty safe to look in the shower.  These guys are nuts about water!  They sleep beside their water bowl, try to jump in the toilet, play in the shower, and have the biggest webbed feet you ever 'done seen'!  That's what makes us think that they are part lab...

What do ya think?  Water obsessive pups? ....maybe??  :P



Gotta luv these kids.  
What about you?  Do what kind of dog do you have?  :)


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