Thursday, February 21, 2013

Awesome bro's

I really do think that I have the absolute best set of little bros in the whole widest of worlds...actually, there is not a doubt in my mind.
So, I go shopping with Mom this afternoon to pick up some ingredients for this AMAZINGLY moist chocolate cake, recipe that I was planning to bake for myself for my birthday (I almost like baking things more than I like eating them nowadays...I do believe that I have gone over to the dark side at last...)
  Well, when I come home, Benj walks out of the house with a majorly long face.  He says,
        "Don't, whatever you do, go inside the house."
Me:  "Why not, and what's up with you?"
Ben:  "We have a surprise for you, and I really wanted to light up the tiki lamps for you to come home to for your birthday, but Dad said no."
Me:  "Aww, thanks bud!  I appreciate it, but no worries."  :)

*walks into the house and sees Nate making a happy birthday sign, candles are lit everywhere, and the house is spotless.*

Me:  "Whoa!  Guys, this is sooo sweet!"
Nate:  "It was Ben's idea."

       *Ben is still kinda moping about the tiki lamps...*

Sweet things.....they are the beeest!!

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