Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I've been enjoying since we talked last...

Wow!  I haven't blogged in almost 2 months!  It seems just like yesterday that I was signing on here to tell you guys that I would see you next year...well, it's almost a whole month into 2013, and so much has happened in that time!  I really did mean to write way before now, but I've been super sick with cold sores all over my mouth (can't even open my mouth right now) and haven't felt up to doing just about anything for a know how that goes...
Well, first off, {and probably the thing that made our Christmas so special} Cally had 6 puppies.....6!!!  How so many pups could fit inside that tiny dog; I'll never know...}

We still have yet to find out what kind of mix they are, but most of them are super fluffy.  
Now they are 6 weeks old, and keep me awake all night :)

We decided to keep this guy - Toby  :)  such a chunk!

For Christmas, most of the cousins and relatives on Mom's side joined us at our house - 21 people and 10 dogs (including the pups)  -a houseful, but big crowds of family are always awesome.


Dancing to Feliz Navidad before exchanging gifts on Christmas morn - made a great memory
Listening to my Grandfather read about Christ's birth - a long standing tradition on both Mom and Dad's side of the family
Getting awesome gifts like.....M&Ms and snugly blankets!!!

So beautiful  :D

CRAZY cousins
Oh, and of course all the boys had to wrestle it out on the trampoline later on...

Christmas time is always a whirlwind here, but I love it how Christ is at the center of everything that goes on throughout the day.
After Christmas, a couple of Caelen's friends came to spend the week with us.... definitely a highlight :D

...{why can't we ever seem to do "normal friendish" things...}

Last but not least, I've asked for another little sister for Christmas next year.  Whatcha think?  I personally think she would fit in just swimmingly  :D

Love to you all, and hopefully I'll talk to ya sooooon!


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