Friday, December 14, 2012

What I'm enjoying this Christmas

I'm sorry to say it, but this is probably going to be the last post that I do in 2012.  ...Gonna catch up on some quality family time for the rest of the month, if you know what I mean :)
BUT!  I do intend to leave the year with a longer-than-usual blog post.  
Let me just start out by saying how much I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Christmas music on Pandora  
There is nothing quite like Bing Crosby singing 'Winter Wonder Land', or Nat King Cole with 'The Christmas Song'.  
I've enjoyed the cozy fires down in the cold basement while watching Christmas movies with the fam (favorites being Polar Express, Rudolph, Narnia, It's a Wonderful Life, and all of the other awesome Christmas movie classics)

It was a total blast Christmas Caroling with some of the kids in our could tell that it really touched a lot of the people who we sang to.
Aaakkk!  I can't concentrate on what I'm writing because of the 'Mr. Grinch' song that is playing in the background! ...oh well, I love the song ...hang on a sec, I'm going to finish listening really quickly... :D
Ok, I'm back.  Speaking of more music, listening to Michael Bubl√©'s Christmas CD early this morning on my way up to Boone was so nice.  
{Although ...while his Christmas CD is super, I can't speak for the rest of his albums :) }

I had to take a test up at Appalachian State this morning...not the most fun way to spend a Friday in December, but hey!  At least it's over now...and I passed!!!  Yeah!!
Thankfully Caelen was up there taking one at the same time as me (...she passed as well)
Soo happy  :)

The trip up is always a treat just because you get to pass about 10 different Christmas tree farms on the way.   
{getting a decent looking picture out of the window of a fast moving car is kinda difficult..}

It's been so fun seeing Calcium Bicarbonate (our dog...with the ultimate dog name) grow great with pup ;)  Any day now she's gonna have little Christmas puppies!!!

I tried out this cool DIY Christmas decoration project to put on my dresser - so cute!! 
*Just glue miniature Christmas trees to the lid of a clear mason jar (you can the mini trees at craft stores...I stole mine from our miniature Christmas village :)
*Then sprinkle large salt crystals or sugar onto the lid, and screw it onto the jar
Cute, huh?

Cracking up at this Christmas song . . . Nate and I sung it at a talent show one year...very memorable talent show...  :P

Alright, alright . . . I better go now.  Time to finish decorating the Christmas tree... {I just secretly put the first red ball's always a contest between us kids to see who will put the first ornament on the tree :P }
{I won}

Merry Christmas everybody!  I'll see ya next year!


  1. Great post Hannah! I especially loved the picture of the ornament (with your reflection), and your entire fam! :)

  2. Hello Hannah! Love this post!!! Great idea with the christmas trees in the jar!!

  3. The pic of the fireplace is really cool. Hope ya'll are doing well.
    Blane, Jr


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