Friday, February 10, 2012

Thankful for brothers!

Nathan has been putting forth the extra effort to compliment us girls (Caelen and I), with more hugs, and by blessing us in every way lately.  It is like he is constantly on the lookout for ways that he can make us smile :)  Caelen caught this shot of him teaching one of our little neighbors to roller skate . . . got to love it! 
Benj is also a huge blessing and definitely one of God's ways of showing me my need for patience :)  He is always ready to give an (almost violent) hug to me in the mornings and tell me that I look "pretty". . . 
Brothers can really be a joy when sisters make them out to be ones.  If we are encouraging and are interested in what our brothers have to say, then they will reciprocate the attention in ways that are surprisingly thoughtful and sweet :)  I encourage you to make the best of the time with them now before it is too late.  
 Look forward to sharing the next picture of the day with you guys!
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