Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lazy Bear Lodge

Lazy Bear Lodge and shopping in Boone with Mom was probably the bestest, best birthday present that I could have gotten for my 16th.  Let me sum it all up for you:

*Lodge Room - Too sweet!  :)

*Bella the Newfoundland - I want! 

*Panera Bread - Bread bowls and apples = Awesomeness

*$60 boots that I got on sale for $12 -
Da bomb!  :P

*Long conversation by the wood stove with Mom - Priceless 

*Calling Caelen to see what movie they had watched for the weekly movie night - Comical :)

*Rolling around the thought of trying to pierce my overly sensitive ears again - Well, you don't see any pictures with my ears pierced, do you?  

*Actually taking time to shop in Goodwill - Productive and yep, I got 3 nice pairs of pants out of it :)  

*Coming back home - With Everyone hoopin and hollerin, it made me feel like I had been away for months. 

Thanks guys :)

Turtle Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory ...my fav !!  <3 

The view from the deck was absolutely wonderful!

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