Friday, February 24, 2012

Sweet 16

Yep, sweet 16 came and went yesterday.  Although I don't feel any older or wiser (though I wish I could say that I did), I do have more privileges and responsibilities now.  When we turn 16 in our family, we get to start drinking coffee and wear makeup. . . . the only problem with these things is. . . I CAN'T STAND coffee (although I really wish that I did). . . .  so . . . sad, but anyways Mom and Dad surprised me with a "certificate" to a one night's stay at a bed and breakfast way up in the mountains.  :)  Right now I am blogging from my beautifully rustic room in the Lazy Bear Lodge and getting ready to head out to go shopping with Mom in Boone :)  I'll be sure to post on my stay here.  

Hannah Girl

Ooohh, and by the way, thanks to the Robbins, Hannah Moore, and Josh Chick for a great time in Roanoke this week!  I enjoyed you guys immensely!!!!

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