Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new ... year! Happy 2012!!

It is a brand new, exciting year that I just can't wait to dive into!!!  It'v been thinking about doing a {somewhat} brief overview of the life I lived in 2011 and of all of the things that God taught me throughout the year....It has taken me forever to write it all out and post it so I hope that it turns out the way I want it to sound :)
Let me see, I started out the year of 2011 by toasting 12:00 am with a small glass of Welsh's sparkling grape juice (which is THE BEST), just like I did this year.  I'm pretty sure that I made some goals for the year, I just can't find them now :)
On February 23, I turned 15, and for my birthday, Mom and Dad took me up into Banner Elk NC to a sweet little condo to spend the weekend in ...                                                                            
{Picture from google}

In the spring, Dad took us girls to the Father Daughter Retreat for the first time, and Caelen and I traveled to  Pueblo, CO to visit our cousins and attend some of their graduations.  The Havers, Woods and Cookes are always super fun.

In the beginning of Summer, the annual Apologia picnic rolled around and although my teammate and I didn't win the Cornhole tournament, (we didn't even come close to winning for that matter) we still had a blast!  Virtually the next day after the picnic, it was off to Richmond VA for my very first Apologia Home school conference with mom, Savannah Anne, and her mom, Mrs. Rachel Carman.  It was such a successful trip, and I learned sooo much about manning the booths, working the cash register, and got so many awesome opportunities to talk to people and answer their questions.  I ended up working at one more conference in Atlanta Georgia by the end of the summer.

In August, our family visited Danville, VA (our old dwelling place .... and no, contrary to what some people might think, we do not  have heavy southern accents. :D  )  and had a grand reunion with some of our friends who we left behind when we moved back in 2006.

We also took our annual beach trip with Dad's family.  Unfortunately, hurricane Irene blew us out of our vacation a few days early which was kind of disappointing, but we still managed to have loads of fun while it lasted :)

Sometime this past Fall, we joined Burke Community Bible Church, and I can honestly say that I have grown spiritually in many different ways since we joined.  Our church has been a HUGE blessing to me and my fam over these past few months.  

Thanksgiving came, then flew right by, and December was thrown on us unexpectedly!  I enjoyed taking 'Cookies in a Jar' to all of the neighbors, watching our favorite old Christmas movies, baking holiday goodies, visiting the coffee shop, going to Grovepark Inn to look at gingerbread houses two days in a row :), then admiring the gigantic Christmas tree (that I sadly couldn't take pictures of) in the Biltmore house with tickets that my Granddaddy won!!!!!
Christmas day was a blast, but it flew by too fast!

To say the least, 2011 was an awesome year, brimful of things that I have never tried before and of old traditions that were just as exciting as when we first started them ... ok ....that sounded strangely eloquent.  :P

God has taught me (and is still working with me on it) to give everything to him; namely my disappointments.  ever since I can remember, disappointment = a slight meltdown.  In other words, dealing with disappointment of any kind was not a strong point for me.  This past year, the Lord has been patiently working through this with me, and I have been more at peace and able to be more joyful because of it.  Also, after a good (long) talk with my precious mother :D , I realized just how much I was  a 'people-pleaser' . . . . to the point where my desire to make sure that everyone was happy and satisfied almost ruled my life.  Being able to let the Lord handle everyone else's problems instead of me trying to fix everything, gave me a freedom that I hadn't felt in a VERY long time.

Looking back over all I've accomplished and at everything that the Lord has accomplished in me, makes me very thankful and excited about 2012.  Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Psssst....Oh!  And by the way .... One of our family's biggest accomplishments was  . . . *dramatic pause* . . . the discovery of the best Mexican restaurant in the world!  'LA SALSAS'!!!!

. . . Of course I'm only joking, but hey!  It is the best ever!  ;) 

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