Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hey everybody!  
First off, I wanted to say . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Secondly, thanks for being patient with me as I skipped the last two Tuesdays of blogging.  (like I've said before: life happens!) :)
Thirdly, I've got an announcement to make concerning this blog:
Since last....let me see...was it March???  I've been trying to keep up with blogging once a week on Tuesdays which has been super good for me, but now with 2014 coming on, graduation coming up, and more school/work/life to do, I'm gunna have to say goodbye to 

Thanks to all of you faithful 'Keep Calm and Tuesday On' readers, and for all of your awesome comments!  
Loves to you all, and God bless!
I'll talk to ya again soon!

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