Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Log Cabin Weekend

In our Church, we have a Titus 2 woman who has been super good to a group of us girls in teaching a Bible study on Romans over the Summer which has benefited us all so much!  
This past weekend, our study group went up to one of the girl's families cabin and kind of did a recap on the study, sharing what had impacted us the most, as well as spending time with each other, hiking and so forth :)  
I'm so grateful for this group of fun, but solid people who get together to both enjoy each other and keep one another accountable!

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."
~Provers 27:17

Breakfast - best meal of the day....orange juice, hot chocolate, eggs, Pillsbury Doughboy biscuits, sausage and fruit!  Can you get any better than that?!?
 Sitting on the porch in PJ's to talk until lunch time...

Hiking up to 'the bald' on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

In our Bible study, we divided the book into 5 main sections: 
Sin, Salvation, Sanctification, Sovereignty, and Service.  
sooo, this is us on top of a mountain, demonstrating the 5 different sections in Romans:

What can I say?  It was awesome!!!  

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