Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trying my hand at grad pictures

If you have visited Bloom any time recently, then you will have noticed the utter lack of portraits or really any pictures of people on there.  Mostly, I think my "photography comfort zone" is in the landscape and random if you know what I mean ... but it just so happened that one early morning (really early) Caelen decided that she wanted to graduate . . . and then of course, she got it into her head that she might need some grad pictures . . . and then she thought,
"U...Hannah....Could you  . . .  "
Of course I loved the chance to go out and take some more pictures, but like I've said...people pictures are not my expertise :)
Thankfully, they turned out alright.  Tell me what you think, and PLEASE give me some pointers all of you 'perfect picture bloggers' out there....yes, I know you are out there somewhere because I sometimes look at the pictures on your blogs and break the tenth commandment (thou shalt not covet - Exodus 20:17)
My next post really should be on contentment...

{My Beautiful Sister ~ Caelen}
{Isn't she gorgeousness?} 

In this one, she is holding our new mutt pup, Calcium Bicarbonate . . . yup, we actually named our dog the chemical name for least I think Calcium Bicarbonate is chalk...

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