Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Raleigh with Aunt Su. . .

Aunt Susan had Caelen and I over to her house in Raleigh for a few days, and when Aunt Suey finds out that you have never been to Raleigh, she goes all out to make sure you see all the sights, and experience everything there is to be experienced! ;) We did everything from taking a tour of the city in a rickshaw, to attending a movie on the lawn with the Sound of Music singalong.
To say the least, we had a blast walking around with, sweating with, and laughing with Aunt Susan, her friend Nichole, and Margo (our cousin). Thank you everybody for making our trip sooo much fun! :P

Caelen got to see her beloved Egyptian artifacts at the art museum. . . can you tell she was a little excited???

I thought it was neat that the History museum had an exhibit on the Judaculla Rock when my family and the Sealy family just saw it in person 2 weeks ago!

This was a very old (beautiful) house there in town that hasn't been lived in or even bought for the longest time because there is a rumor that it is haunted. . . come on now, really?

Caelen loved her some purple house :P

Oh! And our trip to Raleigh wouldn't have been complete without a trip to the famous cupcake shoppe. . .which. . .was. . .uh. .closed. How convenient!

Aunt Suey's lovely little house! :)

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