Friday, August 5, 2011

Apologia Conference GA

Well, we got back from another Apologia conference in Atlanta GA . . . very tired, but we had lots of fun. It seems like we have traveled more in this one summer than ever before in my life! Thankfully, my family LOVES traveling and I'm just blown away at the opportunity that Apologia has given us to travel all over America!

The view from our hotel

Our booth

The Fullbrights were our "booth buds" for the Atlanta Conference this time

When the conference was over, we went to Big Chow Grill; a stir fry restaurant that was simply AMAZING!!!!! :P

Oh! And if you hear my new song on the ipod on the side of my blog, it is called, 'Hold Me' by Jamie Grace. We heard it on the way back from the conference, and I just thought it was sooo neat! It is about how God holds us even when things are not going exactly the way we want them to. So enjoy, and have a great weekend! I know I am looking forward to mine :)
In Christ,
Hannah ;)

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