Monday, March 21, 2011

New Do ~

Yeah!!! I finally got a long needed hair cut!!! My hair is now just below my shoulders, I have shorter side swept bangs, and LOTS more layers. As you can see in the picture, she really curled it up :)
Since Dad is taking Caelen and me to the Vision Forum Father Daughter Retreat, I decided that it was time to trim up a bit. :)
Yes. . . . I am soooo excited about the Father Daughter. We are all looking forward to being encouraged and and making new friends. Don't worry! I will have a nice lengthy post on everything we do! :)

I would like to say how much I am excited about riding to the retreat with Uncle Brian Robbins, and his two wonderful daughters, Charity and Faith! I LOVE you guys, and can't wait to spend more time with you this weekend!
In Christ,
Hannah *


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