Monday, February 21, 2011

The simple things that make my day special~

While I was lying in bed sick with the flu this week (sad), I got to thinking about the little things that I really enjoy doing. It seems like it's always the simplest things that you remember the most :)
Like starting my day off with the Lord in my devotions always makes a wonderful start to the new day

 Or taking a walk in the woods and praying outloud. God seems more close to me when I talk to him with a real voice

Editing pictures

Cooking up a collage of breakfast foods. . . and then eating them :)

Giggling, talking, and just hanging out with my best friend, Caelen :)

Shopping with the ladies

Looking and laughing at old photos with dad

Taking a hike up in the mountains with my family

Blogging about my day :)

(some pictures from google)

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