Friday, October 22, 2010

A light that does not flicker!

Yesterday morning, I was watching one of my candles, (I LOVE candles! :D) and It reminded me of my life. When you light a candle, it tends to go on steady for a while, but when you turn the fan on, the wind makes that steady flame flicker, spurt and sputter. When you put your hand up to block the wind, the flickering stops, and you can smell the sweet aroma of the candle!
I was thinking of how this reflects us; We can either put off a good and sweet aroma and not waver in our flames for Christ, or we can let anger, pride, selfishness..etc.. take control over our lives and make us flicker and sputter. Then there is the stinging smell of smoke in the air. We are tempted to give in to our flesh, when in our hearts and consciences, we know exactly which of the two that we should chose. Through staying in prayer and in God's holy word will we ever be able to keep a good aroma.

Which one will you be?

(pictures from google)

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  1. Great post! I'll be like the candles in the second picture, and give off a good aroma! :)


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