Monday, August 9, 2010

The painting of the girl's rooms

The other day, Caelen and I finally decided on the right color of paint for our bedrooms.
We painted them ourselves, (Well.... maybe with a little help from the boys :) and I must say that it was......well....lets just say we had an interesting time of it! It was not easy! I can tell you that, but once we got the hang of it, it became more fun.

Caelen's room finished

Ben and Caelen painting

Painting over our game :(

Yes! Before this room was finished, it was sad!

Now these are pictures of my room after it was painted....

I turned all of my calendar pictures for August, and they were all beach pictures. I can't wait! In two weeks, we'll be there! Yippee!!!!

This was the color of the paint...Tropical Lagoon! Doesn't that sound wonderful?

I must really like blue! :D

My scarf rack......Now in blue!

This is what my room looked like before we painted it..

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