Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

I promised pictures of our trip, so here you go! A full scrapbook's worth of them :)! We had so much fun! The Cookes even got to join us for the beginning of the week!
Can you figure this out?

Our living room

Every morning, we had a HUGE breakfast!

One day, when I was swimming, I found this tangled in my hair! Yikes!!!!!

Baby sea turtles were hatching near us....They were soooo tiny! This one was still buried for two days after all of the others had hatched and swam out. His little flipper was bent because of a ghost crab that had pinched it while it was buried. The Sea Turtle patrol told us that he wouldn't have made it in the wild, so he took him to the Aquarium to do "Sea Turtle Rehab". :D

This is a neat story! There was a little pelican that got all tangled up in a fishing line (Like me :) but he couldn't get loose, so he was out on the ocean for two days! After a while, all of his pelican buddies came out and floated with him for a while. I thought that was so sweet!!!!!
We named the pelican Pete.

Pete the Pelican
(By the way....Somebody rode out and rescued him later)

Ben showing us his scary face! Ahhhh!!!!!

We had a lovely gazebo!

All of our cars.....We had fourteen people staying at our house (Not including the Cookes)

Run Boys! Run!!

Taking our morning walk with Daddy

The cousins

Aunt Susan (Daddy's sister)

Nana and Papa

Daddy's family

Mom and Dad looking at the boats

Lemon face!!!!

The kid's table when we ate out

Caelen and Rachel

Rachel and I

We all went to the NC Emerald Isle Aquarium

This was my favorite fish. He's been there for three years

Sea Turtle Love :)

Fish Faces!



Our favorite beach game would probably have to be dominoes

The Treo.......Papa, Nana, and Aunt Jo. (Nana and Aunt Jo are sisters)

Our first supper. Yum!

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