Sunday, November 15, 2009

Medieval Feast

My family has been studying the Middle Ages for school, and last night we had a Grand Medieval Feast! We totally transformed our garage into a feasting hall. 70 people showed up :)!!!!! We all had a fantastic time. There were Friars and Scotts, noble ladies and serfs, cloaked rangers and even King Robert The Just, and Queen Brendalynn The Gentle were present at the gathering. Some of our family and friends acted out parts while Mom read some of the customs of a real feast. It was so fun!  My siblings and I had to read reports on what we had been studying in the Medieval times. Last ,we put on a short skit with our friends. It was called St. George and the Dragon. That turned out to be hilarious! We all enjoyed some great fellowship after the food was gone. Thus ended our Medieval Feast, thanks to the hard work of our friends the Robbins and Willis's.


Caelen's Medieval Hair Style
The Feasting Hall (In our garage)

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