Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request!!!!!!!!

Please pray for our Pastor's daughter, and my good friend Elizabeth Sealy who is six years old. We were sledding on Monday with the Sealy family and Elizabeth got the perfect straight run on a very steep hill, on a very fast sled. She ran headlong into a fence at a very great speed and broke her femur bone which happens to be the biggest bone in your body, and is supposed to be the most painful break a human can endure. The Sealy's got her to the Marion Hospital, and from there, she was transfered to Asheville Mission Hospital for surgery. She is still in the hospital, and in excruciating pain. The neat thing about this whole experience is that every time a nurse or a doctor comes into the room, she asks her mom to pray with her. All of the nurses, before they can even touch her, have to wait for her and her mom to finish praying. What a HUGE witness! So, please, please be in prayer for Elizabeth's family, and that her pain would go way down, and for her quick recovery. And please also pray that through this hard experience, people would come to know the Lord. Thank you for your prayers!!!

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