Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hi everyone! We are back home, and resting after an awesome day of CAROWINDS! The first thing we did when we got there was to ride their latest, biggest, fastest roller coaster, The Intimidator! Over all, I liked it, but the first hill was tortuous! (I'm not a rollor coaster person to start with :) We went with some of the Cooke's friends and, of course, the Cookes. It was wonderful fun! If someone came up to me and asked what my favorite ride had been, I would have to say After Burn! Definitely! It was so smooth and fast (and didn't have any huge hills!)
It was a great trip. but we did kind of 'sizzle' the first part of the day :) Oh well, all of the fast rides made up for it!

My camera was out of batteries, so Uncle David took all of the pictures for me. He has to send them to until then, I have no pictures to load onto blogger.....yet!

All of us kids decided that if we ever are in the need of money to do something or go somewhere, Lemonade and cookies are the way to go!!!!! :) :D
No....but seriously! Without God, this trip to CAROWIDS would not have been possible!
He is the one who sold all of our products and made all of our costs come out right! To God be ALL of the glory!
In Christ,
By the way, I got a video of the Intimidator and After burn! I still cant believe I went of the Intimidator! :)
After Burn
 pssssst....I do not endorse the rest of the videos on the sites just the ones linked here.

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